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Author Topic: A service station Ripoff!  (Read 2554 times)

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A service station Ripoff!
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2012, 10:13:37 PM »
I as many others have to take the time every year or two to get our vehicles inspected. Whether it be new or old we all need that good inspection sticker.  I had waited to the last day and realized I had to get my vehicle inspected right away, it was Saturday and I was not the only one who has waited until the last day to get it done, so I stopped at a well know service/inspection station in Bellingham mass on the main road that I have been going to for years.

I go inside and I am the 4th or 5th to wait to get it done. Nice little waiting area with a flat screen TV to pass the time while waiting. One customer is notified of a problem with a burnt rear directional light, customer said go ahead and fix it, cost an extra $10.00. Work is done customer has paid and left. As I am sitting there another customer comes in and waits too. Now the next customer in order is called up and is told there is a problem, they have a "burnt rear directional light". The place is small so everything said can be easily heard. The person behind the counter does not try to cover what he is saying, ok the customer pays an extra $10.00 to get it replaced, pays and after a couple minuted leaves.

Now you tell me what are the odds of the 3rd customer that has to get their vehicle inspected has been told they have a "burnt rear directional light" and has to pay an extra $10.00? Well believe it or not there was a 3rd, I believe the 4th customer did not need it. I am sitting there and saying to myself this is just not right. Can't these people realize they should pay attention?

Ok, now finally my turn comes up after about 45 minutes of waiting, person comes in and says there are a couple problems. My windshield washer does not work, I need to have the front ball joints replaced and I have a "burnt rear directional light". I think there must be new alien species among us that eats rear directional lights, or someone is stealing them off parked cars. Ok, I told the guy I will have my mechanic do the work then I will bring it back, he just looks at me expecting for me to say fix it all. My vehicle is brought to the front of the station for me. I had paid him when I first went in earlier.

I then check the windshield washer and it works fine. I check my rear directional lights and both work fine.. I cannot believe a once good service station that has done inspections for years has to stoop so low to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. I tell you this I really wanted to say something out loud to the 1/2 dozen people waiting after me to get their inspections to be careful, but figure that a place like this will lose everything eventually by stealing from the hands that feed them..


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