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« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2020, 03:10:10 AM »
OMG, I am SO SORRY to ever start dealings with Their support number automatically says they they do not do that anymore as the first thing your hear after dialing it for needed help. The automated assistant goes in circles and ends up stating what you already know. Even emails show you the same information that you already know also.
It started 8/24/20 when I ordered a Metal Detector which was returned to the merchant. This was in my tracking info:
Cancelled Order
Cancelled at 2020-08-29 15:56:54 :Pickup failed: parcel contains forbidden goods----------------------Wish kept sending me the same info so I requested a refund I was told to wait for this and that then finally they said wait 30 days (even though the seller cancelled the order not me). 30 days later I went thru support and after a few days I get the same report in a link they sent me. Saying now I have to wait up to 45 days for the Metal Detector. It was cancelled over a month ago. I think the email is actually done by something automated as well otherwise why do I always get useless replies.As it stand now I still have not received an item bought almost 3 months ago and BTW it was not cheap, maybe that's why does not want to give me my money back. If you find something you like on search around to a more reputable and reliable seller. As for myself I have seen more than a few items on amazon that were the same just cheaper with great customer support and no hassle returns. Oh 1 more thing, if you go to and browse and see items for around $.50 and shipping less that $1.00 for items worth obviously alot more, do not bother to try to purchase. It seems to be some kind of scam or close to one. Out of the 30 or so I ever tried in the last few months I got an email saying it was not processed on time to get it. They just want you to keep coming back to try more and eventually buy something more expensive.
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