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« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2019, 07:34:08 PM »
DO NOT ever get a hosting plan thru this site, it is a scam or should I say just run by incompetent people. thumbsdown.gif
June 26th  I needed another Web hosting because I was not paying for a dedicated server anymore and needed hosting immediately because my server was going to be shut down 7/1.
A few days passed and the hosting kept being delayed because they had issues with my payment, once it was straightened out it was 7/1 which was too late for any site transfers.
June 28th-29th I had gotten another hosting because SolvedByData still did not give me access to any services, I sent an email and said cancel the account because I did not need
it anymore I got another hosting because they were way to slow and I had to get my sites transferred by 7/1.
I said I wanted a refund, and all they did was send email after email and I never did get my refund. I finally was send an email that I had my Cpanel was ready by SolvedByData on 7/1. I sent an email again now saying I had cancelled the account and am still waiting for a refund, they said I had only 3 days to get a refund and I said I cancelled on the 3rd day because of my waiting. One department to another over and over, never received my refund, for a hosting that I never even got into any Cpanels at all, sure I had access 7/1 but I had already asked for my refund and had never again logged into the SolvedByData hosting.
Now as of 10/29 I have received a few notices that I owe for the last month hosting for a hosting account that I never even logged into any Cpanels  or do anything on which,  4 months before I had cancelled. They are so incompetent I hope they either shut down or replace everybody that works there for people who at least can run the company properly.
Never did get my refund and the people operating this site truly have no idea what they are doing!
Stay AWAY!!!
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