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Windows 10 Issues
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2015, 12:07:16 AM »
By now thousands and thousands of people have upgraded to the new Window 10. I though ok why not, well my upgrade took 2.5 hours and when it finished my windows keeps flashing the desktop and would not let me do/try anything what so ever. I researched some things to try and none worked. Seems as though Windows 10 does not have a safe mode to fix issues. Task manager was the only thing I was able to run and that was useless in this case.

I had to do a complete restore from factory disks and lost lots of my material.  Yes it kept alot, but alot was destroyed and lost. Only took 2-3 days to do a complete restore with 100+ windows updates and I think it is still not done. I will find out shortly. I have heard there is an issue with Norton and Windows 10, well when I had the Windows 10 installed I could not get to Norton to disable it or really do anything.

I thought maybe after the restore I could reattempt the Windows 10, but now I have no options to do so in Windows update. I see you can download the windows 10 and burn the install to disk but now It will be much harder and time consuming finding out the serial numbers on my machine and so forth.

Basically to let other know, make a good backup of important data before Installing Windows 10. Program files can be reinstalled, but current data cannot be.

Just my 2 cents for anyone interested!  :41:


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