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ScottdaleHosting Issue
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2013, 06:28:17 PM »
Not sure whats up with this site. The first email I sent was not answered until I sent another. I asked a question about a certain kind of script I was looking for and the reply was yes we have it, and did not elaborate any info.

After a few emails asking for prices, never got any direct answers. I told them the product I was asking for was not listed on the site. I was told join and then pick it for installation.. Ok i joined which means you have to but a cheap hosting package and the product is still not listed. They told me it was on their script page, and no it is not.

Not sure but maybe they have limited English even though they are located in the us. I paid for a similar script and instructions to install what i have been asking for in several emails thru their ticket system. Now I check and the site is offline??? Scam???

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