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Title: Beware of PayPal they will Suspend your account for no reason
Post by: admin on August 08, 2019, 05:47:39 AM
PayPal has struck again!  thumbsdown.gif
They have permanently shut down my account for so called violations of their user agreement, I have read that and cannot find out how I so called violated their agreement.
I called support and the guy said that he cannot get into my account. I said all I wanted to know the exact reason why my account is permanently locked and he said he cannot give me an answer.
He said I can send an email to the violations department of PayPal so I tried over and over and over all I get is their DAMN auto-responder and that's as far as I can get. The guy said I also can have  a subpoena sent to the offices in California, that means basically I have to get a lawyer...Unbelievable!
When my account was locked they said I could get my money back in 180 days. Now I cannot purchase anything from the majority of online retailers because most of them use PayPal besides credit cards. PayPal has got to be made accountable for all the nonsense and confusion they love to make. To not even tell me the exact reason I so called violated from their agreements.. that's ridiculous. Why cant someone find a reason for PayPal to shut down!  :38:
I think a good place to start is International Consumer Protection, we need someone to be on our side!
Title: Re: Beware of PayPal they will Suspend your account for no reason
Post by: admin on March 26, 2020, 10:59:11 PM
I got my Money back!!
:dance: When in doubt find someone to complain to, I registered a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles, in turn they contacted PayPal. Took a few weeks but over all I received an email from the executive offices of PayPal apologizing several times and said I could withdraw my money but because they took my money there was only $0.01 in my account. A couple days after I received the same message again, so again I checked my PayPal account and all my money was put back in, my account is still extremely limited, basically I cannot use it for anything except withdrawal, so I withdrew my money. I never was given the reason my account was locked with no chance of ever being restored to normal. They just said I violated their terms, for the life of me I have no idea how. Over all making/sending a complaint about a large company pays off. Might be they made a mistake and do not want to embarrass themselves by admitting it but does not matter I got back my money. Might be they do not want any bad ratings against them or they could not prove their case whatever the case might be.  I will still keep up this original post so people can search and at least see my outcome was mostly a success but my PayPal days are done.

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