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Title: Summitsoft.com
Post by: admin on January 16, 2016, 03:19:23 AM
Summitsoft.com does have some nice programs for making logos, designs, crafts as well as more professional software for different things. Purchasing Summitsoft software online was easy, they sent and email with registration numbers and download links.. fine. Now when installing the software even though you have a registration/license number which was sent to you they require online activations. Most all these went well, but one did NOT, no matter how many times I attempted the online activation it would not go thru, I sent several emails requesting help to a couple different departments one of which was "Support", no one ever answered.

It seems to be a company that absolutely loves to send emails just about daily trying to sell you more, but apparently they do not read any sent to them. I have bought several programs from them as well as graphic packages, but never again will I waste my time when there is apparently no support on their products, or they just plain disregard their customers asking for help.

Support is a major concern when buying something, if they cannot support you, buy from a competitor that will.


Title: Re: Summitsoft.com
Post by: admin on September 08, 2017, 03:27:33 AM
Seems as though the same crap again, have not used the few programs I bought from them because I did not have to,
now I want to update some graphics and the programs want activation again, my suggestion:
Don't buy software from Summitsoft.com !!!!!!

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